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Business Improvement

  • Business Structure Advice

    Just like any house, the foundation is key. A weak foundation means you will have a house that will be weak too. The same can be said if a business' structure and registration are not the best. Most poorly structured businesses pay higher taxes than they should, place personal assets at risk and have the added misfortune of dramatic and expensive business breakups. This all too often is due to not getting the right advice from the beginning. We break down the 'accountenese' to maximise awareness of the structure you are about to register for your business.

  • Business Buzz Session

    Created for those who need a sounding board to find better clarity of their business. Whether you’re a Small-to-Medium Enterprise or a Startup this session explores what your current situation is, what would be the most ideal setup, what we can change and refinement of your business processes. Let me ask the tough questions to help you grow. There is no jargon in these meetings.

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    Free resource which addresses the common frustrations expressed by business owners.
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  • Business Tax

    For the business owner who has taken the steps to engage a bookkeeper and have their numbers on point. At Kalahari we offer fees which are priced before we begin your work.

  • Superannuation Tax Advice And Conformity

    Yes, your superannuation is subject to tax. Kalahari Business Advisors are experts in this area and will keep you and your business in compliance with current laws. We also work closely with the state's award winning financial planner seeking affordable compliance costs for their clients.

"Cat is a giver of the good news and bad news in a way that makes you feel good about yourself" J Byrne (Buzz Session Program Client)

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