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Catherine Pazvakavambwa

Chief Energy Officer & Principal

Known as ‘Cat’ throughout the Perth business community, she is armed with a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Accounting. She was accepted into the Institute of Chartered Accountants and is also a member of the Taxation Institute of Australia.

But who is Cat?

Born in Zimbabwe at a time of great political and cultural change, Cat learnt early on that the first-born in an African family held heavy responsibilities. There was soon a set of twins and another sister to contend with. At just nine-months old Cat was sent to daycare. To her mother’s horror Cat’s first words were spoken in English, and Shona became her second language. Straying from more traditional ideals, Cats mother was reluctant to put a stop to her daycare visits, as she believed it would serve her well in the future. She was right!

Cat’s schooling was peppered with hard times, however she has fond memories of forging her independence and resilience. There were no teary school drop-offs as Cat took herself to school on her bike, and after school she would ride to the daycare house.

At the age of ten it was time for Cat to go to boarding school. And, after so many years of doing things her own way, Cat was often in trouble for insubordination. This led to Cat being assigned manual labor tasks around the school. Moving onto high school was another challenge Cat took in her stride. The school was some 80 kilometres from Cat’s home and there were no boarding positions available. That meant Cat had to get up at 5.30am every morning to pack her lunch and travel in the car with her father to the capital Harare.

Cat would spend her afternoons in her father’s office and wait for him to finish work. Oftentimes, there would be a function her father would attend as part of his role as an advisor to a government minister, and Cat would wait in the car until it ended listening to music – something she still loves to do.

After two years at high school a boarding position became available. That’s where Cat became an avid reader and devoured Nancy Drew novels and anything written by Jackie Collins.

At just 17, Cat packed up her room at the boarding school in Harare and headed to Perth to study at the University of Western Australia. Cat took on the challenge with the same attitude she learnt as a child, and one she has carried with her into business – if you don’t take life by the horns you’ll end up a victim of the beast.

Cutting her teeth at Pickup Golding Chartered Accountants, Cat runs Kalahari Business Advisors with the same vigor, and determination to succeed that has travelled with her throughout life.

When she isn’t elbow deep in all things accounting, you’ll find Cat relaxing with her cat and possibly reading the latest mystery novel or presenting music she loves on the Global Rhythm Pot show on RTRfm 92.1.

"Cat is a giver of the good news and bad news in a way that makes you feel good about yourself" J Byrne (Buzz Session Program Client)

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